Redstring is a completely new, simpler, and more convenient online experience, providing protected social networking with a purpose and cutting-edge tools for instant, secure communications-through chat, email or video.

Redstring brings together all the information you need to make your life easier: calendars, traffic and weather reports, events, directions, and more. No more hopping from one site to another. Redstring provides a palette of one-click tools to help users explore, educate, plan, connect, organize, do business, help others, get results and have fun.

Redstring is simpler, safer and more satisfying. Because it's not about us, it's about you. Best of all, just by using Redstring, you can benefit personally or help your community, favorite charitable organizations, or business.


Product Features

Redstring offers valuable products to serve your personal and business needs. Find everything you need, from money-saving opportunities and merchandise to financial tools and personal advice. Connect to products and services for fun, health, fitness and well-being, or growth--social, emotional, educational, financial or spiritual.

Browse our package of products to see how Redstring can help you, your organizations and your businesses develop and reach the goals you want to achieve.

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These days we're all worried about online security. Like you, we want our privacy protected. So, we're dedicated to keeping our users and their information safe and secure. Users decide what they want to share and with whom. And we only partner with companies that take privacy seriously.



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We're looking for passionate, creative, forward-thinking and fearless folks-people with appetites for challenges, flexible abilities and resolve. We are age-blind, and whether you're just out of school, transitioning at midlife, or in search of a new start in the second half of life, we're interested in you if you are nimble, enjoy teamwork, and want to share in making something good and big happen.

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At Redstring, we closely monitor the activity on our site to help weed out the users that take out the fun of things. Before using Red String, please read and agree to the terms and conditions.